‘Icy-eyed’ Megyn Kelly’s response to Bill Ayers insults cracks up show staff

Last week Fox News’ Megyn Kelly did a multi-part interview with former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and she didn’t hold back her contempt for his heinous crimes and those of his “sweetheart,” Bernardine Dohrn. 

Ayers was asked about the exchange in an interview with Salon magazine and he took the opportunity to express his own displeasure.

“I had never even seen Megyn Kelly,” he answered. “She struck me as a very strange person. She’s like a cyborg constructed in the basement of Fox News. She’s very striking, but very metallic, very cold. Her eyes are very cold.”

Kelly was quick to respond by tweet and by television:

“The man’s got a point, they can be cold,” Kelly said on air Thursday. “Not as cold as those of the three people killed while making bombs for Ayers’ group, but icy at times. Especially when I’m looking at a serial bomber who terrorizes so many including an innocent little boy.”

After showing highlights of the interview she laughed off his remarks with a dead-on response. Watch here:


Michele Kirk


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