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Ferguson protesters vow to shut down Sunday football: Calling all ‘drunk, rabid NFL fans’

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Reports are circulating that protesters in Ferguson, Mo., are making efforts to acquire tickets to the NFL’s St. Louis Rams home game this Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys with the goal of disrupting the game.

“It’s not going to a fun day Sunday at your beautiful Rams game,” one protester told the local CBS affiliate KMOX.

Empowered by an almost lynch mob mentality, protesters have been disrupting local proceedings to draw attention to their demands for a new prosecutor and for the arrest of officer Darren Wilson in the death of black teenager Michael Brown.

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A video surfaced Wednesday on YouTube of supporter Umar Lee asking for tickets.

“So all of those St. Louis Rams fans who love justice, who are with the people, I will ask you to contact me and donate your St. Louis Rams tickets so protesters can get in the [Edward Jones] dome,” Lee says in the video.

Lee rambles on, even sympathizing with “long suffering” Dallas Cowboys fans, but repeatedly warns that the “game is going to be shut down.”

Based on the responses from some Twitter users, the protesters may already be wearing out their welcome in the St. Louis area and may do more harm than good if successful. Police say they will be prepared.

Tom Tillison


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