Video: 3-year-old boy ignores military protocol, rushes to hug mommy

Cooper Waldvogel couldn’t hold back one more minute. He was getting a hug from his mommy whether the commanding officer liked it or not. Kathryn Waldvogel, 25, […]

Must see US Marine video will blow you away: Holy Spirit takes over, Oorah-style!

Another U.S. Marine video is going viral after a Facebook user posted one of their worship sessions, showing them triumphantly singing to the Christian song, “Days of […]

Karma! Tea party-bashing, hateful liberal, Cher, sued for racial discrimination and more

Liberal diva Cher has been hit with a lawsuit for racial discrimination, allegedly telling her choreographer to hire more white dancers. The lawsuit says that when Cher […]

L.A. school district gives up grenade launchers, keeps M16 rifles – huh?

Responding to critics who say that some police departments have become too militarized, the nation’s second largest school district’s police force says it will be getting rid […]

Michelle Obama calls her hubby’s presidency ‘among the nation’s greatest’; points out ‘full-blown crisis’ under Bush

Michelle Obama defended her husband’s 2008 campaign promise of hope and change during a Democratic campaign event in Washington Thursday. “While we still have plenty of work […]

Ferguson protesters vow to shut down Sunday football: Calling all ‘drunk, rabid NFL fans’

Reports are circulating that protesters in Ferguson, Mo., are making efforts to acquire tickets to the NFL’s St. Louis Rams home game this Sunday against the Dallas […]

its on us
Obama, Biden appear in new Hollywood PSA to stop rape; because that’s THEIR job?

Armed with a cool hashtag “#ItsOnUs,” President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden offered their voices to a new PSA the White House promoted Friday to bring […]

Terrified passengers comfort each other as JetBlue cabin fills with smoke from engine failure

Shortly after takeoff Thursday morning, a JetBlue airliner experienced engine problems. Terrified passengers comforted each other as the cabin filled with smoke. Post by Fox News.  

Parents of 6-year-old say he’s being ‘bullied’ for not saying the Pledge of Allegiance

A North Dakota Elementary school is catching national attention after parents are claiming their son is being “bullied” for choosing to sit down during the Pledge of […]

earnest-fox news
Shep Smith becomes ‘pitbull’ to ‘weenie’ Josh Earnest; bets his lifetime earnings this won’t happen . . .

White House press secretary Josh Earnest appeared on Fox News for the first time Thursday and by the time host Shepard Smith was finished with him, it could […]

States push for long-overdue laws requiring ALL students to pass US citizenship test

When it comes to civics and government affairs, Americans don’t know much. Any fan of the “Watters’ World” feature on “The O’Reilly Factor” can attest to the […]

‘Icy-eyed’ Megyn Kelly’s response to Bill Ayers insults cracks up show staff

Last week Fox News’ Megyn Kelly did a multi-part interview with former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and she didn’t hold back her contempt for his heinous crimes and those of his […]