British hostage’s Muslim friends plead with ISIS to show him ‘compassion’

Muslim friends of Islamic State captive Alan Henning posted a YouTube video begging for his life, while other British Muslims had a sterner message for the Islamic […]

Reluctant DC officials draft process for concealed carry — but only for those with ‘good cause’

Washington, D.C., officials are drafting legislation to comply with a federal court ruling that the city’s previous gun ban was unconstitutional, but critics say the new regulations […]

Another attempt to bully Chick-fil-A; LGBT ‘uncomfortable’ with its existence

Iowa’s gaycommunity is in an uproar after Chick-fil-A sponsored a local festival designed to promote diversity. The fast-food chain, which drew national attention in 2012 when its […]

Texas Gov. Rick Perry hits back as Mexican president criticizes National Guard on border

Texas Gov. Rick Perry fired back this week at the president of Mexico over Perry’s decision to deploy the National Guard at the U.S.-Mexico border, declaring in […]

eric king
Where’s the media? Left-wing anarchist charged with bombing congressman’s office on 9/11

One thing is certain, if Eric King was a member of the tea party he would be a household name in cities across America today. King, 28, […]

Southwest sheriffs on immigration crisis: The border is ‘spiraling out of control’

Sheriffs along the U.S. border withMexico don’t like what they’re seeing. Describingthe immigration crisis as “spiraling out of control,” a coalition of fivesheriffs’ organizations in the Southwest […]

Korean mayor gets egged for trying to move baseball team
Korean mayor gets egged for trying to move baseball team

The egg thrower wasn’t some nutty member of the public, either. He was Changwon Councilman Kim Sung-il.

Kids playing
Nosy neighbor sics cops, child services on innocent mom: ‘Don’t let your kids play outside’

A Texas mom of three was visited by the police and Child Protective Services after a neighbor reported her for letting her son play outside. Children’s bo […]

Even sheep don't like to be ridden by drunk guys
Even sheep don’t like to be ridden by drunk guys

A sheep will fight back if you bother it enough. Funny video.

Michelle Obama to kids with cancer: Living in the White House ‘can be hard’

Even by Michelle Obama standards, whining to a bunch of kids with cancer about how tough it is to be first lady is a class apart. Obama’s […]

flag shirts
Liberal Ninth Circuit Court rejects decades of precedent to undermine free speech

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesdayrefused to consider a decision that allows school officials to censor the free and peaceful expression of students out of […]

New gun buyers must reveal race, ethnicity under Obama administration policy change

Never mind the content of one’s character, to buy a gun in America today purchasers must reveal the color of their skin. Two years ago, the Obama […]