Watch angry mob throw Ukrainian lawmaker in a dumpster

A protest outside Ukraine’s parliament building ended poorly for one lawmaker, who ended up in a dumpster.

Vitaly Zhuravsky, a member of the Economic Development Party, is well known for stifling anti-government protests, NBC News reported.

A mob, which an ABC News report described as outraged over amnesty granted to rebels who had not committed war crimes, shouted obscenities at Zhuravsky, threw him in a trash bin, doused him with water and tossed remnants of a tire in his direction.

Zhuravsky climbed out of the garbage and safely escaped the protesters, NBC News reported.

Hannah Bleau

Steered right by what she calls the "radical leftist rhetoric" in college, Hannah is a contributor for multiple media outlets and passionate about American politics.
Hannah Bleau


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