NJ citizens feel hosed by firefighters’ inappropriate banner: ‘Show us your . . .WHAT?’

firefightersA group of New Jersey volunteer firefighters are feeling the heat for an off-color sign that was a little too ambitious for their own good.

Members of the Williamstown Fire Department were attending a state convention for firemen over the weekend and may have gotten a little too caught up in the festive spirit when they posted a sign from a balcony railing that said: “Show us your tits,” the South Jersey Times reported.

And to be sure there was no question who was making the request, the sign was hung directly below the Williamstown Fire Department’s banner.

A resident of the town forwarded a photo of the sign to the Times.

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“I think it’s demoralizing to women. I think it’s insulting,” Shawn Rutter told the Times. “A lot of young kids idolize that type of work. Every little kid wants to be a firefighter. A lot of parents drive their kids to that parade. That’s not a conducive learning environment.”

Monroe Township Mayor Michael Gabbianelli met with fire officials on Tuesday to determine how to discipline the offenders, who were not named.

“It doesn’t represent our town the right way,” Gabbianelli said. “They are all volunteers, and they’re all good guys. It was probably a joke that got carried away. But something will be done about it.”

The fire department posted an apology on their website explaining that “a few individuals of our organization exercised poor judgment,” and promised “action will be taken to insure that an incident like this will never happen again.”

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