Ignorant hosts of ‘The View’ don’t know who Charles Krauthammer is; make fun of him anyway

In a shameless display of ignorance, comedian Whoopi Goldberg tried to make fun of conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer on Tuesday’s ”The View,” but the joke was on her when she showed she didn’t know who the famous commentator was.

The episode featured a new panel of co-hosts, including Republican commentator Nicolle Wallace.

Giggling through much of the segment, Goldberg asked Wallace to comment on Krauthammer calling President Obama a narcissist in a recent column. Although Goldberg made it obvious she didn’t know much about Krauthammer, mispronouncing his name and asking who he was, she decided she knew him enough to accuse him of being the narcissist.

“He’s calling President Obama a narcissist, saying he’s so self-involved,” Goldberg said. “He uses terms like ‘my military,’ ‘my intelligence community’ in speeches and calling him [Obama] a narcissist. It figures, I guess. That’s how [a] narcissist refers to [another] narcissist, right?

Wallace tried to answer, since Goldberg’s original question was directed at her, but she was interrupted by another blithering co-host, Rosie O’Donnell.

Nicolle, so can you tell us, who is that guy?” O’Donnell said. “Never heard of him. … What does he do?”

Video clip from YouTube via Truth Revolt .

Many Twitter users reacted in defense of Krauthammer:


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