Redskins QB forced to turn Jesus T-shirt inside out before presser

At the NFL these days, even Jesus needs a Nike swoosh.

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, who suffered a season-threatening dislocated ankle Sunday, was forced to turn a T-shirt praising Jesus inside out before facing the public at a postgame news conference.

A sharp-eyed Washington Post reporter caught the change and posted about it on Twitter.

There doesn’t appear to be any anti-Christian motive at work.  The problem was apparently the company that makes the T-shirt Griffin was wearing isn’t Nike, the official garber of the NFL.

Michael Phillips, the WashPo reporter who caught the switch, explained in another pair of Twitter postings.

So, a league that’s been battered by bad PR — the Redskins being one of the lightning rods for the left these days — sees fit to open itself up to more criticism by making one of its biggest names turn a Christian T-shirt inside out before a news conference?

The move didn’t go down well with NFL fans and Twitter users, especially since there’s a question about whether the Nike monopoly on NFL clothing applies to situations like news conferences. (Roger Goodell’s suits don’t have swooshes on them.)

Well, the word “forced” is probably too strong. “Warned” might be a better word. And since Griffin was apparently fined $10,000 for wearing a non-
Nike shirt during a public appearance last year, he might have decided to play it safe.

Many, many people disagreed.

Considering the NFL’s current travails — Ray Rice’s hitting-women problem, Adrian Peterson’s hitting-children problem, and the Redskins own name itself — a little pro-Jesus message couldn’t have hurt.

Frankly, the league should be getting a batch for every player in the league.    

Just ask Nike to make it.


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