Obama White House ‘war’ waffling draws laugh-out-loud late-night mockery

Not even late-night libs can stomach this waffling.

The Obama administration’s dithering on what to do about the country’s battle with the Islamic State band of bastards – its inability even to call a “war” a “war” – had even “Daily Show” lefty Jon Stewart mocking its minions.

jonstewart0916In an extended segment Monday night, Stewart played clips of National Security Advisor Susan Rice (of Benghazi coverup fame) and Secretary of State John Kerry alternately denying and confirming the hostilities American forces are engaged in could be considered a “war.”

Or is it just “a sustained counter-terrorism campaign?”

“It seems like the Obama administration is a little confused over our current situation,” Stewart said, with considerable understatement.

Being a lib – and with a lib audience to pander to – Steward had to get a nonsensical jab in at Obama’s predecessor, but it didn’t change the message.

Chaos and confusion reign in the “no drama Obama” White House – and even the late-night libs are noticing.

Check out the video here, via YouTube.

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