‘Caged animal’ threatened me: Talk show host files police report against Dem candidate after explosive interview

Parker Griffith, Democratic candidate for Alabama governor
Parker Griffith, Democratic candidate for Alabama governor

Temper. Temper.

Matt Murphy, host of  “The Matt Murphy Show,” filed a police report after an explosive interview with Alabama Democratic gubernatorial candidate Parker Griffith. 

Most of the fireworks exploded off air.

Murphy said he was verbally and physically threatened by Griffith during Wednesday’s interview, which ended with the candidate and his staff being asked to leave the premises.

According to Yellowhammer News:

“Parker was visibly upset because I questioned him about the issues he had while working at Huntsville Hospital,” Murphy told Yellowhammer. “We went off the air and I stood up because the interview was over, and he stood up, pointed his finger in my face and told me ‘that was a chicken s— move.’ He said, ‘You’re a piece of s— mother f— and if I wasn’t running for governor I would kick your a— right now.’”

Murphy said a campaign aide tried to calm Mr. Griffith down and escort him out of the studio, but he resisted and his anger continued to escalate.

“I told him he needed to back off, but he didn’t,” Murphy continued. “He said, ‘I promise you this, after this election is done, you’re going to be done in this state. I’m going to bury you. You’re nothing but a p—. I’ll whip your a— right now, and I can do it.’”

Griffith admitted to the altercation but downplayed the intensity of it.

“We did have a heated exchange,” Griffith told Yellowhammer by phone. “But I thought it was a private conversation. He accused me of being a liar and obviously I disagreed with that. But I certainly regret the language that I used.”

Too little, too late.

“Frankly, I feel like he meant it,” Murphy told Yellowhammer. “He was furious. He was like a caged animal. I understand that we do controversial things on the show sometimes, but it’s rare for me to feel physically threatened in my studio, but that’s how I felt Wednesday. I thought he was going to hit me. First he threatens physical violence, then he threatens to damage my career. I filed the incident report because I felt threatened, but I also thought it was important just to get this on the record. I’m afraid what a man with that sort of temperament would do if he got into the governor’s mansion. Can you imagine what a man like that would do with the full authority of the executive branch, of the state troopers?”

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