Vindicated! ‘Fast and Furious’ whistleblower wins lawsuit against government; judge calls case Kafka-like

The United Statesgovernmentwent after retired Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosivesagent Jay Dobyns in court, accusing him of violating his employment agreement by writing a bo […]

Controversial Muslim Brotherhood DHS adviser let go amid allegations of cover up

A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) adviser long engulfed in controversy over his radical views was let go from his role in the department last week after […]

West Virginia Democrat field organizer plays terrorist in spare time?

A field organizer for the West Virginia Democratic Party and staff member for Rep. Nick Rahall, D-W.Va, recently posted pictures to his page that aren’t likely […]

Kids’ moving video to 9-year old who accidentally shot their dad: ‘We want to hug you, tell you it’s okay’

The four children of Charlie Vacca, the gun instructor who was killed at an Arizona gun range last month when a nine-year-old student lost control of an […]

‘Duck Dynasty’ star wows ‘Dancing With the Stars’ judges as proud family watches on

“Duck Dynasty” daughter Sadie Robertson to the “Dancing With the Stars” stage by storm Monday night, stunning judges with her cha-cha. Robertson’s parents, Willie and Korie Robertson, […]

Ex-State Dept. official tells all! Secret mission to scrub Benghazi files to protect Clinton exposed

As hearings probing the Benghazi terrorist attacks gear up to begin Wednesday, the plot is definitely thickening. Hillary Clinton confidants spent a Sunday afternoon trying to scrub […]

Clueless! College students ignorantly sign petition in SUPPORT of ISIS

In an exercise that showed the lack of thinking people in today’s society, a fake interviewer was able to get droves of students to sign a petition […]

Pelosi’s big lie: ‘It takes a special breed of idiot’

Nancy Pelosi, the lying liberal from San Francisco, holds the Nazi “Big Lie” belief that if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it. That’s […]

Hey, Michelle O, what’s that 590 calorie Jumbo Honey Bun doing in your vending machine?

While school children all over America are on Michelle Obama’s “biggest loser” plan, the White House vending machines are being stocked with Jumbo Honey Buns. Roll Call’s […]

Obama White House ‘war’ waffling draws laugh-out-loud late-night mockery

Not even late-night libs can stomach this waffling. The Obama administration’s dithering on what to do about the country’s battle with the Islamic State band of bastards […]

Dem Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand drops crass ‘F-bomb’ in live interview: ‘ . . .tell him go f*** himself’

Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand might need to join Miss Nebraska in some etiquette training. If you are a U.S. senator, the F-bomb should not come out of […]

Redskins QB forced to turn Jesus T-shirt inside out before presser

At the NFL these days, even Jesus needs a Nike swoosh. Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, who suffered a season-threatening dislocated ankle Sunday, was forced to […]