Shocking photos of NYC’s Muslim Day Parade; hanging women extreme – even for New Yorkers

The theme of the 29th annual Muslim Day Parade in New York City on Sunday was “Islam & America Share Common Values,” but you may not have known that by the looks of some of the displays.

While notes that the black flag associated with the Islamic State that was so prevalent last year was absent this year, the presence of a woman being hanged, the Muslim Brotherhood in full force and girls in cages at the parade might have been extreme – even by New York City standards.

The parade began with a number by the NYPD marching band, followed shortly after by a group of New Jersey Girl Scouts.

The most unusual display of the parade featured a female mannequin dressed in the Egyptian flag hanging by a noose in the back of a truck. All along the sides of the truck were photos of Egyptian protesters.

Muslim Brotherhood supporters flanked “Pharaoh’s Chariot” led by men wearing masks of Secretary of State John Kerry, President Obama and Sen. John McCain.

And don’t forget the girls in cages.

Girls in cages2
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In case you missed it, there’s always next year.

H/T: The Blaze


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