CAIR coward strikes back at ‘ISIS-like’ Fox after Megyn Kelly’s embarrassing tongue-lashing

Megyn Kelly is not one to hold back in an interview and “The Kelly File’s” Sept. 11th segment with a Florida official from the Council on Islamic Relations was no exception.

Hassan Shibly, chief executive director of the council’s Florida chapter, was grilled by Kelly over so-called “moderate” Islamists and asked how he could continue to defend them.

Shibly managed to dodge most of Kelly’s questions, but instead compared the Islamic State to the Westboro Baptist Church.

On Friday, he took to Twitter to say that Fox News viewers were just like ISIS, tweeting:

Shibly continued his argument on Saturday, with these tweets:

Then there was this one on Sunday:

Can’t wait to see what he tweets on Monday.

Watch Megyn Kelly shut Shibly down here:

Megyn Kelly tears apart CAIR rep; destroys his lies, rails against Shariah Law

H/T: Newsbusters


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