Welfare-to-weed: HHS admits govt. can’t stop potheads from using federal aid to buy dope

Potheads in Colorado can use food stamp debit cards to buy weed legally in the Rocky Mountain High State, and there’s not a damn thing the federal government can do about it.

Photo Credit: MedicalDaily.com

According to Fox News, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell has put the administration’s impotence in writing. The Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program, she wrote, has no way of ensuring that taxpayers money is actually going to help needy families – rather than filling up a teenager’s bong.

“HHS has no authority to prescribe policies and practices for the states to implement in order to prohibit the use of TANF benefit cards at marijuana stores,” she wrote.

That’s because the federal law that excluded places where TANF can be used was written before any state had legalized marijuana.

And state officials can’t regulate it because it’s a federal program.

So basically the federal government is issuing electronic benefits transfer cards to pot smokers in Colorado who can use them to buy a drug that’s illegal under federal law.

It’s as mind-boggling as the finest Colombian Gold.

It’s also an insult to taxpayers, Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Republican Colorado state Rep. Libby Szabo said Saturday on “Fox and Friends.”

The whole idea of welfare, Szabo said, is to help provide food for needy families to prevent children from going hungry.

Getting dopeheads high wasn’t part of the deal.

“We all know that those EBT cards and the federal funds and taxpayer dollars that go to that are to be used for food that provides nutritional value,” Szabo said, “not to use for alcohol, weed and all these other types of entertainment.”

It’s important to note this isn’t about whether marijuana should be legal or not, or even whether the federal government should be giving people money for food.

But if marijuana is illegal under federal law, and the federal government is giving people money for food, letting the money be used to buy pot is beyond stupid.

It’s just crazy.

Note: This has been revised since its original posting.


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