Sarah Palin was ‘in full mama grizzly mode’ in Alaska fight, report says

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Rumors of a brawl involving members of Sarah Palin‘s family took the media by storm late last week, although little has been confirmed other than there was a physical altercation and the Palin family was present.

But it turns out that Todd Palin and son Track may have been involved in a tussle, according to a source close to the family — while no videos have turned up in the age of the smartphone, there has been no shortage of anonymous sources to fill the void.

Real Clear Politics reported that “a source close to the Palin family” was eager to share their side of the story.

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The source said the Palins attended a party in Anchorage last Saturday and an altercation occurred after Willow Palin’s ex-boyfriend engaged in “questionable behavior.”

The ex-boyfriend allegedly tried to get into the Palin’s stretch Hummer. Real Clear Politics picked it up from there:

Track Palin soon found himself struggling to fend off four men who had “piled on him,” according to the source.

Todd Palin then inserted himself into the brawl, which left the former “First Dude” of Alaska bleeding.

There were early rumors that Sarah Palin crowed, “Do you know who I am?” But the source said the former governor was speaking of her son Track’s U.S. Army service in the Iraq War when she said, “Don’t you know who he is? He’s a vet!”

“From my understanding, she was in full ‘mama grizzly’ mode defending the kids,” the source said, according to Real Clear Politics.

Another rumor said Bristol Palin jumped into the fray armed with a “mean right hook,” but the source said Bristol is left-handed.

Track allegedly came away from the altercation with four cracked ribs.

As for what is known for certain, the Anchorage Police Department released a statement that said a fight had broken out between multiple subjects, that none of the involved parties wanted to press charges and no arrests were made, and that some of the Palin family members were in attendance at the party.

And if the rumors prove to be true that the Palin’s were defending the honor of a beloved daughter, more power to them — America can use a John Wayne (or Jenny) right about now.

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