Judge Jeanine scorches with statement to Obama: ‘You are not a man of your word’

In a scorching “Opening Statement” on Saturday, Judge Jeanine Pirro called out the White House with one simple question:

“Mr. President, why are you afraid of words?”

judgejeanine0914The Fox News analyst’s news peg was the latest terrorist atrocity – the Internet beheading of a British hostage by savages with the Islamic State – but her material went back years.

With the relentless logic of her legal mind, she recaps some of the most notorious lowlights of the Obama presidency – going back to the Fort Hood terrorist attack of 2009 that the administration still calls “workplace violence” – and demonstrates to anyone listening just how cowardly President Obama and his minions have been in labeling the country’s enemies.

The president of the United States can’t bring himself to call terrorism “terrorism.” He won’t even say the word “Islamic” about murderous men who call themselves “Islamic.”

And the world responds by ignoring or simply not taking seriously the latest American call for allies to help fight the terrorists. President George W. Bush mustered a coalition of 49 countries after 9/11, Pirro points out.

Obama can draw only nine countries professing “tepid” support.

The world has Obama’s number, even if American liberals don’t.

“You are not a man of your word,” Pirro said, addressing the president.

It’s tough to be a man of your word when you’re afraid of words themselves.

Check out Judge Jeanine’s “Opening Statement” here, via YouTube.

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