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Is he doing it out of spite? Another beheading, another Obama golf game. Even Piers Morgan weighs in

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It’s Sunday afternoon, do you know where your president is?

Of course you do.

Photo Credit: Politico.com

Closing in on Round 200 of his two-term administration, President Obama hit the links yet again on Sunday, squeezing out the last days of golfable weather in the Northeast by going to the greens.

Really, it’s enough by now to make you think the guy’s doing it out of spite.

The “news” that Obama is golfing didn’t garner much attention from the media – beyond the now-standard Twitter post, this one from West Wing Reports.

Twitter users, of course, were all over it — more in sorrow than in anger, as they say in D.C., that this is how the commander in chief is whiling away his hours — while David Cameron across the pond appears to actually be working on the weekends when his citizens get executed by murderous, Islamist thugs.

But there is a fair amount of anger still as the president reaches round 196 in his White House tenure.

And there will be as long as this nonsense continues. Here’s a sampling:


There’s the sarcastic …


 And the statistical ….

And this week there was there was some comment from an unexpected source: Obamaphillic gun-grabber Piers Morgan weighed in. (After his contract fell through with CNN, he’s got time on his hands, apparently.)  

Scary indeed.

And it’s not like there was just another beheading somewhere, right?


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