Conservatives skewer ‘peace protest’ hypocrisy; they were ‘never anti-war, just anti-Bush’

Anti-war protesters took to the streets in 2007 by the thousands to demand that then-President George W. Bush halt the war in Iraq and bring our troops home, even drawing out ’60s has-been’s like Jane Fonda.

Of course, that was when the media was giving an almost daily update on the number of U.S. soldiers killed. A practice that fell out of favor after President Obama was elected — the number of troops who died fighting in Afghanistan doubled in his first two years in office the number who died under Bush.

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Nevertheless, when Obama announced last week that he was stepping up U.S. military action in Iraq and Syria, it was just a matter of time before the left-wing anti-war movement and all its pageantry mobilized.


In fact, this inevitable reaction was a popular topic of conversation on Twitter:


Tom Tillison


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