School bans 9/11 tribute shirt for violating dress code: Where’s our humanity?

School leaders in Orangevale, California banned one sixth-grader from wearing a 9/11 memorial T-shirt Thursday, citing “dress code violation.”

The young girl’s stepfather, Tim Foster, asked the school to make an exception to the school’s policy of only wearing clothing with the school’s own logo.

CBS13 reported:

Foster has been a part of the military for nearly 25 years and service two tours in Iraq. He says he understands the school’s policy, but was hoping administrators would understand the significance of the day for his family.

“Maybe it meets dress code and be able to add something to it on a special day like this,” he said.

District spokesman Trent Allen says students are only allowed to wear clothing outside of the uniform on free dress days, and Sept. 11 isn’t one of those days.

“Unfortunately that kind of shirt would not fit in that dress code policy,” he said.

He says not allowing the shirt has nothing to do with the day, and they certainly understand the significance.

“It’s very much an important part of the academic process, but need to enforce dress code policy,” he said. “If you start making exceptions it is hard to draw the line.”

Reasonable adults understand the usefulness of school dress codes, but we have lost our minds and our humanity if we can’t allow our children to remember one of the most significant days in modern American history.

The school administrator spewed the typical line of bull to the cameras . . .  If we make an exception for one, where do we draw the line, blah, blah, blah.

Shame on him.

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