British aid worker beheaded 3
ISIS beheads a British aid worker; British Prime minister heads to the office, NOT the golf course

The Islamic State terrorists have beheaded another hostage according to a video released Saturday. British aid worker David Haines was abducted in 2013, and while the British […]

Video: CBS Sports rejects tot reciting the Pledge of Allegiance ad as too political

CBS Sports has announced it won’t air a controversial 30-second commercial because it to on a “political nature” for featuring a young girl reciting the Pledge of […]

Islamic leaders: Don’t increase terror threat level, it will victimize Muslims!

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott raised his nation’s terror threat level from medium to high Friday, and Australia’s Muslims aren’t happy about it. The heightened level puts […]

News anchor musters courage; tells viewers on-air he only has months to live

Sitting next to his on-air partner of almost nine years, an Illinois television news anchorman d with their viewers Thursday the heartbreaking news that he has only […]

Man allegedly cooked ex-girlfriend’s dog, fed it to her secretly

Let me apologize for the shocking nature of this post up front. I don’t make the news, I report it. Ryan Watenpaugh of Palo Cedro was arrested […]

obama cult
MSNBC’s Chris Hayes gets a little help with definition of ‘cult’

MSNBC host Chris Hayes posted a link to a BuzzFeed article on Friday that offered a “disturbing insight” into the everyday lives of female Islamic State […]

9/11 miracle! Woman finally finds owner of wedding photo she saved from rubble 13 years ago

A 13-year search for the couple in a wedding photo, discovered in the ruins of the twin towers, is over. All six people in the photo are […]

Libs say melting ice more dangerous than ISIS; and people still vote Democrat?

Melting ice caps are a bigger global threat than Islamic State terrorists. At least, that’s what comedian and satirist Bill Maher told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Wednesday. […]

oakland firefighter
Black firefighter cries racism, police misconduct to media; body-cam proves him wrong

With the nation a racial tinderbox in the wake of 18-year-old Michael Brown’sshooting death by a white police officer, a California firefighter threw out what could have […]

Megyn Kelly tears apart CAIR rep; destroys his lies, rails against Shariah Law

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly questioned how the Council on American-Islamic Relations can defend what it describes as “moderate” Islam. “It is true that Islam is not ISIS, […]

School bans 9/11 tribute shirt for violating dress code: Where’s our humanity?

School leaders in Orangevale, California banned one sixth-grader from wearing a 9/11 memorial T-shirt Thursday, citing “dress code violation.” The young girl’s stepfather,Tim Foster, asked the school […]

Public school refuses Chick-fil-A’s 200 donated sandwiches because chain founder is Christian

A football booster club is putting the chicken sandwiches away after a California school banned them from selling Chick-fil-A meals at fundraising events. Principle of Ventura County […]