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Pro-Israel students arrested at school senate meeting over ‘blood bucket challenge’

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An Ohio University student government meeting took an ugly turn when school police officers arrested four pro-Israel students.

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blood bucket

The meeting began amid weeks of tense campus relations, after student Senate President Megan Marzec posted a Facebook video of her taking the ice bucket challenge. Instead of the typical ice water, Marzec dumped red liquid on her head, to show support for slaughtered Palestinians, The Blaze reported.

The school campus became divided among those who supported Marzec’s political statement and those who opposed it. Marzec remained unmoved.

“I will never apologize for standing with the people of Palestine,” she said at Wednesday’s meeting.

During a comment portion of the meeting, though, the president of the pro-Israel campus group, Bobcats for Israel, called for Marzec to step down, and another student read pro-Israel quotes aloud, according to the student-run newspaper, The Post.

Marzec threatened the students, asked them to stop and requested that police officers take care of the situation, accusing the Israel supporters of disrupting the meeting.

Maxwell Peltz, 20; Rebecca Sebo, 22; Gabriel Sirkin, 20; and Jonah Yulish, 19, were arrested on fourth-degree misdemeanor charges for disturbing a lawful meeting, The Post reported. If convicted, they face up to 30 days in jail and a $250 fine.

Hannah Bleau


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