Oh no he didn’t! Bob Beckel’s misogynistic on-air insult to co-host: ‘If those legs were a foot shorter . . . ‘

Guilfoyle“The Five” co-host Bob Beckel‘s misogynistic insult Thursday directed at colleague Kimberly Guilfoyle is proof yet again that the rules are different for the left.

Talk about a “war on women,” Beckel implied that Guilfoyle’s only redeeming quality as a Fox News employee is her appearance.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, who recently replace Jay Carney, was the topic of conversation when Beckel voiced his preference for the new guy.

“He’s far superior to the last guy, just in terms of what he looks like,” he said.

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“So we’re now going on looks, that’s perfect Bob,” Guilfoyle interjected, as everyone began to talk over one another.

“That coming out of your mouth is a little bit of a stretch,” Beckel countered. “Let me ask you this, if those legs of yours were a foot shorter, do you think you’d be here?”


And what’s more, it appears than co-host Dana Perino agreed with Beckel, at least in principle.

“No Bob, she’d be here,” Perino said, referring to her own seat tucked behind the table. Ironically, Perino and Guilfoyle are the same height — 5′ 2″.

“If these legs weren’t so long, I wouldn’t have to stick ‘em out over there,” Guilfoyle joked. “I could sit nice and delicately where Dana is.”

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Tom Tillison


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