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Jon Stewart hilariously shreds ‘socialist, Muslim, dictator, tyrant, pacifist’ over laughable ‘strategy’ speech

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It’s no secret liberal comedian Jon Stewart is brutal to Republicans most of the time, but when he gets on a roll about Obama it’s usually nothing short of hilarious.

A sudden show of male parts during the presidential address on the U.S. strategy for defeating ISIS was enough to create comedy gold on Thursday’s “The Daily Show.”

Wednesday night “Barack Obama broke out his ‘I killed Osama’ strut,'” Stewart said.

“Our mom jeans-wearing, socialist, Muslim, dictator, tyrant, pacifist went full  ‘America, f**k yeah!’”

To appreciate the full sarcasm, you must watch the video via “The Daily Show.”

If you can’t stomach Jon Stewart, well, in my opinion you’re missing out. Whatever his political ignorance, the man is funny!

Language Warning!

Michele Kirk


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