James Foley’s brother: Government threatened our family

The family of murdered American photojournalist James Foley is “appalled” by the way the U.S. government handled Foley’s case and they are speaking out about it.

Michael Foley, James’ younger brother, told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly in an exclusive interview Thursday that the government was an “impedance,” and actually threatened him for trying to raise funds to aid in the release of his brother.

“They got in our way,” Foley. “That’s what really bothers me to the core.”

While the U.S. policy is not to negotiate with terrorists, the Foley family set up a foundation to privately accept donations to try to secure the photojournalist’s release from the ISIS militants in Syria, who would eventually execute him.

“I was specifically threatened by the Department of State about raising funds towards ransom demands for my brother,” Foley said. “We were smart enough to look past it but it slowed us down. We lost a lot of time.”

Watch the interview here via Fox News:

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