McCain pounds Jay Carney over president’s Iraqi blundering: ‘You don’t have the facts!’

Newly-minted CNN commentator Jay Carney took a pounding from Arizona Sen. John McCain Wednesday night, trying to defend his former boss’ withdrawal policy from Iraq.

Making his first appearance as a news analyst, the former White House press secretary was hard pressed to withstand the veteran senator’s fusillade of facts, given that the Vietnam War hero had visited Iraq many times, while the ever-obsequious Carney had merely parroted Obama’s stance in overruling his advisers.

McCain began his broadside by characterizing Obama’s speech as a “very weak argument” to host Anderson Cooper, adding that he “was astounded Mr. Carney should say that the Free Syrian Army is now stronger, in fact, they have been badly, badly damaged.”

Carney denied that, countering that “we know a great deal more now about the makeup of the opposition.”

McCain scoffed at this, saying he had been in Syria. “We knew about them. Come on, you guys were the ones – it’s your boss was the one when the entire national security team wanted to arm and train them that he turned them down, Mr. Carney,” who interjected here that they would have to agree to disagree. But McCain was having none of it.

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“No, facts are stubborn things, Mr. Carney,” he said, “and that is his entire national security team, including the Secretary of State, said he wanted to arm and train and equip these people and he made the unilateral decision to turn them down. The fact he didn’t leave a residual force in Iraq, overruling all of his military advisers, is the reason why we’re facing ISIS today.”

McCain continued that Obama’s contention that America was safer and that the situation resembled those in Yemen and Somalia demonstrated how “the president really doesn’t have a grasp for how serious the threat of ISIS is.”

Watch the video here to see Carney trot out his old press briefing arguments.

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Richard Berkow

Former political news reporter Richard Berkow lost his idealism in the Kennedy years, and his innocence in Vietnam, Lebanon, and the Soviet Union. He hasn’t mellowed since, and can be harassed at [email protected]


11 thoughts on “McCain pounds Jay Carney over president’s Iraqi blundering: ‘You don’t have the facts!’

  1. jumara says:

    finally McCain steps up.should keep this postuire.carney is an idiot and showed it here.his role is propagandist for this commie regime.

    1. f j Bennett says:

      Has this man ever been in any kind of military. He needs to join and help protect the USA instead of trying to be so smart. But again if he is so smart why did he loose his job at the white house

    2. Kenneth Clark says:

      McCain hasn’t stepped up. He is merely voicing things he thinks people want to hear just before elections.

      His voting record does not lie. His voting record is who he is. His lack of real concern for the American people and the people of his state speaks volumes over his “New Found” patriotism and “concern” just like every election before for him. He is RINO to the core and will sell out his constituents and the American people after election night has passed.

      1. LMW51 says:


        He was ON THE GROUND in Iraq when the residual troop situation was being discussed.

        He was IN SYRIA when the State Department and NSA wanted to arm and train the Syrian rebels.

        Carney sat in an office being told what to tell the press so that the President would be politically protected. He has begun to believe his own lies.

        1. Kenneth Clark says:

          Think what you will. Check his voting record.

          1. LMW51 says:

            I am very much aware of his voting record. I am also very much aware of the nuances in the whole “comprehensive immigration reform” debate.

            But we are talking about that which was said HERE in this debate with the mouthpiece of the Obama administration. A man who spent the past 6 years lying for the President about anything and everything. A man who was NOT on the ground in Syria or Iraq.

            John McCain was there. Its as simple as that.

  2. billwhit1357 says:

    Obama will go down in history as the 1st Black President, and that is all. No Legacy, nothing, only a name and his race because he has never accomplished anything in his entire pathetic life. Only thing he has done being President is bring our system to ruins, put our grandchildren in deep debt, and if justice was done, go down as the Worst Excuse of a Leader and Human in history, but of course, some idiot will say that is Racist, even though it is about Incompetency and not Race, but that is all the Leftists can come up with.

  3. Robert Beers says:

    McCain is the ultimate hypocritical warhawk. He demands that we send young men and women into harms way to fight in a conflict that has no national interest but then argues against any attempt to secure our southern border.

  4. LMW51 says:

    Carney sold his soul a long time ago. He will always portray “facts” the way that Obama told him too….It is far past time that Republicans stand up and call them on the constant lies for political gain.

  5. Eric G says:

    I was so happy when Opy left the White House because I thought I was done having to see his pathetic and unprofessional smirk. Luckily I won’t have to since CNN is not on my list of watchable channels. He is a disgrace to the news profession (perhaps that’s why he ended up on CNN in the first place).

    1. Len Miller says:

      Carney never left the administration. He just moved his podium to cnn

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