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After tee time snub, Trump offers Obama free golf for life — if he resigns now

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When it comes to golfing, President Obama doesn’t hear “no” very often, but he heard it twice over the Labor Day weekend when at least three exclusive golf courses turned the president down for a round to avoid upsetting well-heeled members who didn’t want to put up with the security hassles.

Photo Credit: CNN.com

Now, billionaire businessman Donald Trump wants to make up for it.

Trump owns one of the Westchester, N.Y., golf courses that rebuffed the president. His Trump National was too busy catering to its high-powered membership to entertain the most powerful leader in the world.

So the man who wrote the book on “The Art of the Deal” has a deal for Obama.

The White House hasn’t responded to the offer but Trump’s offer is getting plenty of attention elsewhere (even outside Joe Biden’s man cave).

Well, he does seem to have a problem with that.

Some people even offered to chip in.

Others thought The Donald was playing with fire.

But there’s a truly serious downside.

Does Trump own any putt-putt courses?


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