Obama and bear
Bear cub auditions for Obama’s next golf foursome

It seems that President Obama has made golfing such a popular way to spend free time, everyone wants to get in on the action. Check out this […]

Truthers’ Times Square ad shows WTC 7 fall repeatedly on 13th anniversary of 9/11

The one quality that may surpass the persistence of “9/11 truthers” — an ability to offend our sensibilities — was on full display in Times Square on […]

Dont say the pledge
Atheists kick off campaign to boycott Pledge of Allegiance until ‘under God’ is removed

An atheist group has kicked off a national campaign urging Americans to boycott saying the Pledge of Allegiance until the words “under God” are removed. The American […]

Fire chief tries to ban American flags from firefighters’ lockers — on the eve of 9/11 anniversary

An Illinois fire chief who tried to ban American flag decal’s from his department’s lockers was forced to back down after four veteran firefighters and their union […]

Trending poll reveals alarming responses from US Muslims on free speech, Shariah law

While some Muslim Americans are joining the ranks to fight for the Islamic State, a newly discovered 2012 poll found that the majority of U.S. Muslims have […]

Bolton ad
New campaign ad sees national security as a game-changer: ‘Vote as if your life depends upon it’

Blatantly defying the Tip O’Neill mantra that “all politics is local,” former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton’s super PAC has launched an ad claiming the opposite: “Vote [national security] […]

After tee time snub, Trump offers Obama free golf for life — if he resigns now

When it comes to golfing, President Obama doesn’t hear “no” very often, but he heard it twice over the Labor Day weekend when at least three exclusive […]

DC school assignment asks 6th-graders to compare George W. Bush to Hitler

Taking liberal indoctrination to a whole other level, a District of Columbia public school gave sixth-grade students a homework assignment asking them to compare former President George […]

‘I will not stand with you!’: Cruz leaves stage as Israel-bashers disrupt speech to Christian group

Anti-Israel activists disrupted a dinner aimed at Christian solidarity on Wednesday with a chorus of catcalls and boos aimed at U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz for his outspoken […]

McCain pounds Jay Carney over president’s Iraqi blundering: ‘You don’t have the facts!’

Newly-minted CNN commentator Jay Carney took a pounding from Arizona Sen. John McCain Wednesday night, trying to defend his former boss’ withdrawal policy from Iraq. Making his […]

Conservatives shred Obama’s ‘fundamentally unserious’ speech aimed at saving a ‘lost presidency’

At least he has a strategy now. Even if it’s just a strategy to “save a lost presidency.” That was how Fox News analyst and conservative columnist […]

Heavy police presence, arrests stop protesters from shutting down interstate near Ferguson

A heavy police presence Wednesday was the only thing that prevented protesters from shutting down Interstate 70 near Ferguson, Mo. The protest was planned to force Missouri Gov. […]