NFL player 20 cent tip saga gets bigger, restaurant owner calls him out publicly

The saga of the multi-millionaire NFL player and a .20 cent tip took another turn Tuesday when the restaurant owner entered the fray.

Philadelphia Eagles star running back LeSean McCoy became the focus of attention on Monday when a restaurant posted a copy of a receipt from the player where he left a 20-cent tip on a $61.56 bill for lunch.

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Philadelphia Daily News reporter Les Bowen caught up with McCoy later in the day Monday, and reported that the incident was apparently about bad service. Bowen tweeted:

Keeping the social media theme going, Tommy Up, the owner of the restaurant, posted his own response Tuesday on Facebook, saying McCoy and his guests “were verbally abusive,” and made “derogatory statements about women.”

He took responsibility for posting the NFL player’s receipt on Facebook, saying “a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do and stick up for his friends.”

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“I decided to take action after some serious thought, the owner wrote. ” And while I’d like to apologize to Mr McCoy, I cannot in good conscience do so. I stand by my actions one hundred percent.”

As for the quality of the service McCoy’s party received, Up said they “were given excellent service. Impeccable service.”

While the story may raise legitimate questions about tipping and the interpretation of “good service,” and how this applies to public figures, in the end you can be sure the NFL wished McCoy would have left a decent tip and called it a day.

Up’s full comment can be seen here.

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