White House talk about ‘real men’ makes some libs nervous

Real liberals don’t like it when you say “real man.”

That was the lesson from Think Progress editor Judd Legum, who objected to White House spokesman Josh Earnest’s criticism of the Baltimore Ravens wife-beater Ray Rice “not something a real man does.”

Most people might think that’s something everyone could agree on no matter what your politics are.

Most people aren’t progressive editors, though.

That’s more or less a perfect picture of liberal incoherence. A man hitting a woman might or might not be wrong, but even if it is, the “formulation” is “off-key” by “a bit.” It is, for some reason, either dated or sexist or both without any reason needed.

Remember him?

In short, Legum and his Think Progress set don’t like the idea of “real man.” Why? Because they said so.

This is, after all, the party that gave us “Pajama Boy” for Christmas last year — that smug, insufferable,  oh-so-progressive point man for Obamacare discussions in the home. If liberal Democrats don’t know what manhood is, who could?

Fortunately for the real women of the world — who know exactly what Earnest was saying, even if Legum doesn’t — most people know better when it comes to domestic violence.

This guy knows who.

Insults aside, some Twitter users actually thought Legum might have a point, if not quite the smug, insufferable,  oh-so-progressive point he thought he was making.

Most of the rest avoided the pop sociology though, and stuck with the insults.


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