Top Dem. fundraiser caught on video in vulgar ‘drunken’ tirade: Boss stains Crist campaign

John Morgan, top Democratic fundraiser and mega-donor was captured on video at “Boots and Buckles” in Lakeland in an obscene rant that can only be explained with alcohol, according to a video published by United West.

Warning on the language:

Here’s the description of the YouTube video from United West:

John Morgan, the primary fundraiser for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist 2014 and slated Attorney General for FL goes on a curse word filled drunken rant for medical marijuana. Morgan was also a major fundraiser for President Barack Obama, Harry Reed, and Bill Clinton and is the boss of former Gov. Charlie Crist. Morgan has taking the reins of a Florida medical marijuana initiative, promising to pump major money and political muscle into the popular issue. Morgan, a top Florida trial lawyer based in Orlando, said he’s ready to tap a network of donors and his personal bank account to get the measure in front of voters in 2014 as a proposed constitutional amendment.

“I can get the money. I have the money. I will be joined by people with money who will help,” Morgan said. “I’ve been very fortunate in life, and I can make it happen.”


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