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James Woods on a mission, issues #Holderchallenge, asks followers for help

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Hollywood actor James Woods has thrown the gauntlet down to America’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, and dared him to condemn the brutal beating of three white men by a group of black hooligans as a “racist assault” and a “hate crime.”

The incident took place on Saturday night in Memphis, Tennessee in a Kroger’s parking lot and was captured on camera. Multiple sources reported that a group of blacks were engaging in “point them out, knock them out,” with a 25-year old white shopper becoming the first victim.

As Bizpac Review reported Monday (‘They got a white dude,’ LOL: Mob of ‘hoodrats’ brutally beat 3 random victims in parking lot ) , two young white employees rushed out to help him, they too were pounded and kicked senseless.

Woods has challenged Holder to show that he stands for justice for all Americans, and not just America’s black community. 


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