Fla. business owner stands up to ‘shocking’ city demands: ‘Honestly, I feel like this is Russia’

A Florida small business owner has been threatened with daily fines if he doesn’t remove a flag flying from his building.

The City of Ocala has threatened Gear Barrel owner Keith Greenberg with fines of up to $250-$500 per day if he doesn’t take down the Gadsden flag outside his store, according to TheBlaze.

Greenberg was told he could fly an American flag, but all others are prohibited.

“This is a shock,” he said. “Honestly, I feel like this is Russia. I’ve been around the world … this is what you expect in really closed countries where there is no freedom of expression. Not here — so it’s shocking.”

The flag may be violating city code ordinance, section 110-131, TheBlaze reported, but Greenberg has spotted other flags flying in the area that should also be prohibited under the ordinance.

Greenberg photo 1
Photo credit: Keith Greenberg via TheBlaze
Greenberg photo 2
Photo credit: Keith Greenberg via TheBlaze

“The city of Ocala is demanding I take this down,” he told TheBlaze. “We find ourselves in a sad place where local municipalities are stepping all over people’s freedom with the signing of a pen.”

Greenberg posted a YouTube video to make others aware of the city’s demands. He plans to attend the next city council meeting to make his concerns heard.

TheBlaze was not able to reach the City of Ocala for comment Monday evening.

Watch Greenberg’s video here:


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