Provocative ‘Burn White Jesus’ challenge sweeps the Internet

There’s a new social media challenge sweeping the Internet, one most people might not be too quick to jump on board.

Known as #BurnWhiteJesus, or the White Jesus Picture challenge, the movement calls on people to post videos of themselves online burning pictures of Jesus, according to Inquistr.

The reason behind the challenge is racism, according to the religious education website, who says the common portrayal of Jesus as a white man “is used to advance white supremacy around the world.”

“Mr. Savannah Black” posted his video which shows him explaining the challenge and then burning two pictures of Jesus.

“This will be the hardest challenge for most black folks to do,” he said. “In order for you to free your mind you must get rid of this image from your subconscious, in order to have real liberation of the self.”

While most scholars believe Jesus was real, the consensus has been that he probably was not white, according to Patheos, and that being of Middle Eastern descent, he more than likely had darker skin.

Jonathan Merritt of The Atlantic wrote, “If he were taking the red-eye flight from San Francisco to New York today, Jesus might be profiled for additional security screening by TSA.”

There is no description of Jesus in the Bible, but nevertheless, the question remains for now in social media.

Watch two of the YouTube videos here — Caution: Strong language!

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