NFL legend Mike Ditka makes ad for GOP candidate: ‘Hit ’em right in the mouth!’

NFL legend Mike Ditka made his name playing smash-mouth football and coaching smash-mouth teams.

Now, he’s pushing smash-mouth politics for the Republican candidate for governor of Illinois. Ditka says it’s the only way to clean up the Democrat cesspool of Springfield.

mikeditka0908In a campaign ad with GOP candidate Bruce Rauner, Ditka sits at a table in his Ditka’s restaurant giving the kind of advice he gave on Sunday mornings.

“You know what I like about you, Bruce? You’re tough. You attack the special interests. Bam,” says Ditka, pounding one palm with a fist. “Hit ‘em right in the mouth.”

Ditka never says the word “Democrat,” but there’s not much difference between “Democrat” and “special interest” in Illinois — kind of like there’s not much difference between Democrat “governor” and “convict” in what used to be the Land of Lincoln.

Ditka isn’t new to politics, of course. In 2004, he considered running as a Republican for the United States Senate. He didn’t, and some state lawmaker named Barack Hussein Obama won the seat as a Democrat.

More recently, he dismissed the whole liberal contretemps over the name of the Washington Redskins with a simple sentence: “This is so stupid it’s appalling.”

The Reuner ad aired twice during the Bears’ loss Sunday to the Buffalo Bills, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Check it out here, via YouTube.


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