Marco Rubio, others stir debate over Ray Rice; call for prison time

People have a lot to say about axed Baltimore Raven Ray Rice, who was caught on tape knocking out his fiance. 

The elevator surveillance video of the final blow to her face was released today by TMZ, causing a domino reaction from the NFL and social media.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio was the latest to weigh in with this tweet:

Comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham agreed with Rubio, calling for prison time for the former running back.

Many on Twitter shared the “no excuse” sentiment:

Some are saying the massive criticism is fair because of the kid glove treatment the NFL star received in February after the incident. What the authorities couldn’t seem to accomplish, the media did.

But others are troubled by the mob mentality that comes with this kind of public scrutiny. 

Politico’s Glenn Thrush shared an opinion that was dubbed “the worst take ever” by one Twitter follower and others agreed:

The truth is, there are a lot of people with an opinion on the shocking video released today. Did it hit a nerve with you?

Amanda Shea


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