Invitation to hang with Obamas gets a good smack-down: ‘I’d rather eat nails’

The Democratic cool crowd is offering one lucky winner the rare opportunity to feel like a leftist elitist for a day.

All it takes, of course, is a donation to the Democratic Party — apparently President Barack Obama has not fundraised enough.

When one eagerly clicks to enter the contest they’re directed to the party’s website that begs you to “chip in” for your chance to win a hang out with the cool kids, including the president, first lady, Joe Biden, and,  no party would be complete without Hillary Clinton.

To be fair, your financial contribution is not required to “win,” there is a link for the less fortunate to enter without a donation. Conservatives on Twitter are making a (hilarious) mockery out of this monumental opportunity:

h/t: Twitchy

Amanda Shea


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