Marco Rubio, others stir debate over Ray Rice; call for prison time

People have a lot to say aboutaxedBalti Raven Ray Rice, who was caught on tape knocking out his fiance. The elevatorsurveillancevideo of the final blow to her […]

Terror alert: Foreign students go off grid with expired visas

As America’s colleges resume classes, thousands of foreign students with expired visas are no-shows. The Department of Homeland Security says 6,000 of them represent a national security […]

Invitation to hang with Obamas gets a good smack-down: ‘I’d rather eat nails’

The Democratic cool crowd is offering one lucky winner the rare opportunity to feel like a leftist elitist for a day. I’d rather eat nails RT @TheDemocrats: […]

Burn White Jesus
Provocative ‘Burn White Jesus’ challenge sweeps the Internet

There’s a new social media challenge sweeping the Internet, one most people might not be too quick to jump on board. Known as #BurnWhiteJesus, or the White […]

Newly released elevator video of NFL’s Ray Rice delivering crushing blow to fiance’s face, Ravens terminates contract

TMZ Sports has the shocking video of the brutal punch thrown by football player Ray Rice knocking his fiance out cold in an Atlantic City casinoelevator in […]

James O’Keefe sneaks into US from Canada dressed as ‘Ebola-infected ISIS terrorist’

Conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe has already proven the country’s southern borders are wide open to terrorists coming from Mexico. Now, he’s shown the United States is just […]

Black councilwoman scolded by cops for inciting race riot, storms out of meeting

A race-baiting councilwoman in New York stormed out of a public meeting last week after a police sergeant called her out for trying to foment a riot. […]

NFL legend Mike Ditka makes ad for GOP candidate: ‘Hit ’em right in the mouth!’

NFL legend Mike Ditka made his name playing smash-mouth football and coaching smash-mouth teams. Now, he’s pushing smash-mouth politics for the Republican candidate for governor of Illinois. […]

Chilling video: Man ‘assaulted,’ arrested by bully cops for recording militarized neighborhood raid

An Oregon man’s life changed the moment he to out his iPad to record local police officers plowing through his girlfriend’s neighborhood at 4 a.m. with ard […]

Obama busted for ‘jayvee’ lie on ‘Meet the Press’; fact-checkers pile on ‘Pinocchios’

The fact-checkers who labeled one of President Obama’s biggest whoppers the “Lie of the Year” in 2013 is back – Obama a liar again after his interview […]

Founder of Chick-fil-A restaurant, S. Truett Cathy, dies

S. Truett Cathy, founder of the Chick-fil-A chain, died at age 93 early Monday morning, the company spesperson announced. He died peacefully, surrounded by family and friends. […]

Comedian Joan Rivers dies
Joan Rivers’ star-studded, NYC red carpet funeral: Fabulous — just the way she planned it

Comedienne Joan Rivers had the type of sendoff on Sunday that she wanted – complete with A-list Hollywood stars and bagpipes in the heart of New York […]