Ice Bucket outrage! Comic Drew Carey offers reward to nail autistic teen’s tormenters

Comedian and game show host Drew Carey has offered to help police find those responsible for playing a cruel, fake ALS Ice Bucket Challenge prank on an autistic teen.

A video of the prank was posted on social media, showing someone dumping a bucket full of urine, feces and spit on the Bay Village, Ohio, teen.

The Police issued a statement Friday saying they are “working closely with the Bay Schools, analyzing the device used to record the video, interviewing witnesses, determining exactly where and when this occurred and identifying those involved.”

Carey, a Cleveland native, took to Twitter Saturday night to offer a $10,000 reward to find the perpetrators, tweeting this:

Dozens of residents of the Bay Village community held a rally Friday to show support of the teen and to promote tolerance, according to

“We wanted something positive to come out of a horrible act,” organizer of the event, Bay High graduate Elizabeth Sweeney told “We got an overwhelming response from everyone.”

The response on Twitter was equally overwhelming, as seen in these tweets:  

Findings from the police investigation will be turned over to the Cuyahoga County prosecutor’s office to determine charges, reported.

Check out the Fox 8 report from Cleveland here, via The Blaze.


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