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Fox News panelist: Obama running World War II would have let the Germans and Japanese win

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Jonathan HoenigWith Islamic State militants growing in strength and the 9/11 anniversary just days away, Fox News host Eric Bolling asked Saturday if the White House is doing enough to protect the United States from another attack.

“Cashin’ In” regular Jonathan Hoenig had little confidence that President Obama is up to the task, saying he believes the United States would have lost World War Two under the Obama administration.

“We have the military might to destroy jihadism, what we lack is the moral certainty,” he said, stressing that Obama is afraid to even use the term Islam. “If you can’t name the enemy, you can’t defeat it.”

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As the panel discussed the U.S. government losing track of 6,000 foreign nationals here on student visas, fellow panelist Wayne Rogers suggested that with so many elements of Islamic terrorism, it’s difficult to identify the enemy.

Hoenig suggested it’s not that hard.

“We have enemies, and they’re the ones who are declaring war on America and slicing journalists’ heads off,” Hoenig fired back.

“We don’t have Japanese kamikazes now, we don’t have SS storm troopers because we destroyed the enemy; we total discredited those ideas,” he added. “I honestly wonder if our current administration would have won World War II. I think we would have lost it.”

See the exchange here:

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