Scariest part of Obamacare website getting hacked . . .

The Obama administration is red-faced once again after revelations that the Obamacare website,, was hacked in July.

But don’t worry, they say. No personal information was stolen, they say.

“There is no indication that any data was compromised at this time,” Department of Health and Human Services spokesman S.Y. Lee said in a statement, according to The Wall Street Journal. “DHS will continue to monitor the situation and help develop and implement precautionary mitigation strategies as necessary.”

Rather than target personal data, the hacker installed malware for future cyberattacks on other Web pages, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The database holds confidential records like Social Security numbers, home addresses and financial information. Although agency officials remain confident that personal information was not stolen, a more pressing question remains: Could other hackers breach the website to obtain the sensitive data?

In the lead-up to Obamacare’s launch, Democrats wrote off Republicans’ repeated concern over privacy issues, calling the worries paranoia, according to Breitbart News. But those early fears that could be hacked appear more prescient than ever.


Hannah Bleau


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