‘Lame duck session gets more interesting’: Obama to delay immigration move until after Nov. elections

President Barack Obama says immigration action will have to wait until after November elections — a decision that’s not lost on conservatives.

Immigration advocates are furious about the the delay of this executive action the president had pledged to act on by the end of this summer, ABC News reported. However, democrats facing re-election are likely breathing a sigh of relief that the issue will no longer plague their campaigns.

Two White House officials who spoke to the news outlet on condition of anonymity said that Obama was concerned that circumventing Congress on immigration through executive actions would politicize the issue and impact efforts to overhaul the policy in the future, according to ABC’s report.

The president has not specified a timeline for acting on immigration, but plans to take his executive steps before the end of the year.

Twitter is all abuzz with the breaking news of another broken promise:

Amanda Shea


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