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ISIS ‘I wish you were here’ campaign lures Minnesotans; latest recruit a 19-year-old woman

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Americans are increasingly joining ranks with Islamic State terrorists, but one new recruit is raising eyebrows for veering from the usual demographic.

A 19-year-old Somali woman who lived in St. Paul, Minn., left recently for Syria to fight for Islamic State, ABC 5 News reported. So far, those fighting with the jihadists have been men.

Kyle Loven, an agent with the FBI’s Minnesota office, said the agency taking precautionary measures and working to prevent additional recruitments.

“We are very actively engaged within the Somali community,” Loven said, according to ABC 5 News. “We’re engaged with religious leaders. We’re engaged with community leaders, and we’re engaged with concerned members of the public who are abhorred by what they see with respect to their young people and want to put a stop to it.”

But the concerns extend beyond St. Paul. Media reports have revealed that Americans from other communities have fled to assist Islamic State militants, too.

Some of the most notable include Abdirahmaan Muhumed, a former employee with the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport,and Boston native Ahmad Abousamra, Fox 9 reported.

The Twitter universe had plenty to say about the latest recruit. Here’s a sampling:

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