Scariest part of Obamacare website getting hacked . . .

The Obama administration is red-faced once again after revelations that the Obamacare website,, was hacked in July. But don’t worry, they say. No personal information was […]

Video: ISIS terrorists blubber like babies when they’re caught and slapped around

It turns outIslamic State jihadists are not as tough as they pretendto be on social media. A video surfaced last month that allegedly showed acapturedIslamic State extremists […]

Ted Nugent interview with Dana Loesch
Ted Nugent urges Americans to ammo up against ‘allahpuke zombies’ – liberals not amused

Conservative rabble-rouser Ted Nugent has generated a new wave controversy after urging Americans to “ammo up” in preparation for a 9/11 anniversary attack from “4th world allahpuke […]

Watch two deer rule rush hour as they prance across Golden Gate Bridge, Friday

California commuters could hardly bring themselves to complain about the rush hour traffic jam on the Golden Gate Bridge Friday afternoon after they found out what was […]

Former Muslim, son of an Imam, tries to talk some sense into Obama

A former Muslim calling himself “Brother Rasheed” says Islamic followers have been “brainwashed” to hate America and that President Obama has to get serious about tackling the […]

Final kiss-off; Gene Simmons declares rock ‘n’ roll is dead

Elvis Presley’s swinging gyrations helped usher in rock ‘n’ roll, but the era has apparently died without so much as a final kiss. At least, that’s the […]

ISIS ‘I wish you were here’ campaign lures Minnesotans; latest recruit a 19-year-old woman

Americans are increasingly joining ranks with Islamic State terrorists, but one new recruit is raising eyebrows for veering from the usual demographic. A 19-year-old Somali woman who […]

Hillary Clinton just infuriated her own peeps; rabid liberals sound off

Who knew that Hillary Clinton was a literary critic? The Washington Post asked likely 2016 presidential contenderHillary Clinton toreview Henry Kissinger’s new bo, “World Order,” much to […]

Seriously insane restrictions causing schools to drop Michelle O’s lunches

The Obama mindset that the federal government knows what’s best for you to another hit this week, when two New York School Districts dropped out of the […]

‘Lame duck session gets more interesting’: Obama to delay immigration move until after Nov. elections

President Barack Obama says immigration action will have to wait until after November elections — a decision that’s not lost on conservatives. BREAKING: THIS IS RIDICULOUS! Obama […]

Dad of 34 kids taken to task by Oprah network host in epic scolding

The host of “Fix My Life” on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network has some expert relationship advice for a father of 34 children born to an unknown amount […]

Did Barbara Walters deliver backhanded eulogy for Joan Rivers, who left hilarious instructions for her own funeral?

In a sometimes-chatty, sometimes-critical eulogy of longtime friend Joan Rivers, TV host Barbara Walters called the comedian “a trailblazer who paved the way for female comics.” In […]