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Photos of Libyan jihadists posing with captured jetliners in Tripoli discovered on Twitter

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Pictures of jubilant men celebrating in front of airplanes alleged to be the ones seized in the Tripoli airport takeover have surfaced on Twitter.

Several photos discovered by the Daily Mail are featured in the tweet from a pro-Moammar Gadhafi Twitter user, showing this:

The men are believed to be with the Dawn of Libya militia — the same group that took over the U.S. Embassy in Libya Sunday, then posted a video of what appeared to be a pool party with several of them jumping from the roof of the building into the pool. But the men’s affiliation has not been confirmed, nor has the location of the seized planes been revealed, according to Breitbart News.

U.S. officials indicated earlier this week that at least 11 commercial jetliners may have fallen in to the hands of the militia and could be used in terror attacks.  

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