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‘No, not me!’ Bill O’Reilly strikes back at State Dept’s ‘sexist’ charge

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Bill O’Reilly has ruffled a few feathers at the State Department by criticizing spokesperson Jen Psaki, resulting in her underling tagging the Fox News host as a sexist.

When asked at a briefing Thursday about a tweet she posted earlier in the day that was critical of O’Reilly, deputy spokesperson Marie Harf said she had an “obligation” to call him out for his “sexist, personally offensive language.”

Hashtag_DiplomacyOn Wednesday’s show,  O’Reilly said of Psaki: “With all due respect, that woman looks way out of her depth over there — just the way she delivers. It doesn’t look like she has the gravitas for that job.”

We are talking about the woman [Psaki] who prompted the evolution of the term “hashtag diplomacy.”

“I think that when the anchor of a leading cable news show uses––quite frankly––sexist, personally offensive language that I actually don’t think they would ever use about a man, against the person that shares this podium with me, I think I have an obligation and I think it’s important to step up and say that’s not okay,” Harf said in defense of her boss.

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O’Reilly responded Thursday night by scoffing at being called a sexist.

“I would never say that about a man, would I?” he laughed. “No, not me!”

O’Reilly told viewers that he invited Psaki and Harf to appear on Friday’s show.

“The sexist deal will be discussed if they come here; if they don’t come here, we’ll discuss it anyway,” he said.

With the world on fire, it would seem the State Department would have more important matters to attend to, which Fox News colleague Megyn Kelly pointed out later when she said they “should be more worried about the terrorists who are beheading Americans and not focused on Bill O’Reilly.”

Tom Tillison


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