Clueless Joe Biden talks fair wages to the masses while wearing ritzy Hamptons golf club shirt

The Sebonack Golf Club

Leave it to Vice President Joe Biden to be totally clueless about his casual wear.

While talking to struggling workers in Detroit, Mich., on Labor Day about  fair wages, Biden wore a super snazzy Hamptons golf club shirt.

Biden’s blue polo sported what appeared to be The Sebonack Golf Club logo — a high-end Hamptons retreat for the political elite, among other prestigious members, according to the Business Insider.

The 300-acre Southampton golf course has one of the priciest annual memberships, upwards of $500,000 per year, according to a Bloomberg News report. That’s more than most of the individuals Biden was preaching to on Labor Day make in a lifetime.

biden1Maybe the vice president thought it was a safe wardrobe choice regardless of the pretentious retreat’s appeal since the working class would just think it was a fancy ‘S’ insignia.

Here’s a shot of Biden. That’s the Sebonack logo [via Geoff Shackelford].

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Amanda Shea


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