Clueless Joe Biden talks fair wages to the masses while wearing ritzy Hamptons golf club shirt

Leave it to Vice President Joe Biden to be totally clueless about his casual wear. While talking to struggling workers in Detroit, Mich., on Labor Day about […]

Big Brother 2
First Amendment under assault; no ‘perceived bias’ allowed at Wake Forest University

Even the job titles are scary: Vice-President for Campus Life and Assistant Provost for Diversity and Inclusion. For progressives and multiculturalists, this is heady stuff. North Carolina’s […]

Joan Rivers 2
Watch Joan Rivers admit to being a ‘California Republican’ in a way that only she can

Joan Rivers was a classic politically incorrect comedienne who could make people laugh all across the political spectrum. Just last September, Rivers was captured on video admitting to […]

matt lauer
Media elite: Matt Lauer signs $20 million-a-year deal that includes helicopter commute

There is good reason why they’re called the media elite. “Today” host Matt Lauer signed a $20 million-a-year deal with NBC in June that is said to include helicopter service to […]

Real-life ‘ketchup Nazi’: Don’t ask for it at this restaurant if you’re over 10

A Florida restaurant has passed an extensive ban on an unusual item: ketchup. But the Mad Fresh Bistro in Fort Myers is only reserving its restrictions for […]

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell issues apology for racy ‘inappropriate photo’

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell has been forced to explain why a tweet sent from his office’s Twitter account was linked to a racy photo of a woman in […]

Wasserman Schultz condemned by own party, speaks out on crass domestic abuse-related remarks

Scorned even by her own party for her insulting remarks about Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., apologized on Thursday for her poor choice […]

George W. Bush’s ‘frighteningly accurate’ 2007 prediction on Iraq comes true

Fox News ratings queen Megyn Kelly reminded the nation Thursday night of the “frighteningly accurate” warning from former President George W. Bush in 2007 on what would […]

Jihadists Libyan planes
Photos of Libyan jihadists posing with captured jetliners in Tripoli discovered on Twitter

Pictures of jubilant men celebrating in front of airplanes alleged to be the ones seized in the Tripoli airport takeover have surfaced on Twitter. Several photos discovered […]

Feds targeting law-abiding gun shops, fear confiscation could be next

After New York police required a gun shop to hand over customer records, the owner fears door-to-door confiscation could be next. Police demanded Joseph F. Palumbo, owner […]

‘No, not me!’ Bill O’Reilly strikes back at State Dept’s ‘sexist’ charge

Bill O’Reilly has ruffled a few feathers at the State Department by criticizing spokesperson Jen Psaki, resulting in her underling tagging the Fox News host as a sexist. […]

Montel Williams makes impassioned plea for Marine’s release; slams Kerry, Holder’s inaction

Famed talk show host Montel Williams gave an impassioned plea for the release of imprisoned Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi on national TV Thursday. Speaking on Fox News […]