Want to know if your cereal’s CEO contributes to Dems? There’s a ‘BuyPartisan’ app for that

BuyPartisanFor those with an aversion to spending their hard-earned money with companies who give to political candidates who aren’t aligned with their philosophy, there’s a smartphone app to help sort it all out.

Forget the nutritional info, “BuyPartisan” gives new meaning to “voting with your wallet,” CBS News reported.

Scanning the bar code of a favorite grocery item will give percentages of contributions to political parties by the board of directors, the CEO, political action committees and employees, as well as an overall average.

“It is a Eureka moment: So you go, ‘Oh my God, I wasn’t aware of that!'” creator of BuyPartisan and former congressional staffer Matt Colbert told CBS. “So you have the taste and the quality of Cheerios, but now you also have a new set of data to also look at.”

Speaking of Cheerios, the company that produces it, General Mills, gave 63.5 percent of its political donations to Republicans and 24 percent to Democrats, CBS reported.

The app has been live for only three weeks, but already there are detractors.

“…We hope BuyPartisan fails,” the Washington Post editorial board said. “If the app succeeds, it would be a sign that Democrats and Republicans aren’t even willing to do business with one another any longer.”

BuyPartisan has already attracted nearly 100,000 users and has hit the top 20 on the iTunes app page.

“A lot of people are heavily partisan Republican and heavily partisan Democrat, and then there are just people who are upset with the amount of money that’s in politics right now,” Colbert said. “I think that this offers an appeal for all of them.”

If you’re a fan of Heinz Ketchup, you may not want to look.

Watch the report here via CBS News:

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