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State Dept. Marie Harf’s probably sorry she picked a Twitter fight with Fox News

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These people are supposed to be in charge of diplomacy?

collagemarieharfbilloreilly0904At a time when Islamic terrorists are running roughshod over a part of the world Americans once died for, when the president of Russia is stoking a shooting war in the heart of Europe, you’d think the United States State Department would have enough on its hands without borrowing trouble.

But that’s just what clownish spokeswoman Marie Harf did Thursday with a Twitter post defending her equally clownish colleague Jen Psaki and insulting Fox News host Bill O’Reilly.

Here’s Harf’s Twitter posting, including the O’Reilly segment where he called Psaki clearly out of her depth for the job.

Harf probably thought she was handling the matter with “intelligence and class.” Since those are two things Obama administration officials are startlingly deficient in (“Dude, that was like two years ago!”), it’s not surprising she ended up in a battle of wits, largely unarmed.

(And gratuituously insulting the man the president himself agreed to be interviewed by on Super Bowl Sunday, a day when the whole country is tuning in, she probably didn’t even know she was in a fight in the first place.)

This is a sample of some of the responses she got, from the well-known to the simply awake.




But it wasn’t all serious stuff.

As usual with Twitter, there was a fair amount of mocking humor. This one was dead on.


Take out Biden’s two entries and add gun owners and tea party political-education groups, and you’ve got the progressive Dems’ enemies list.



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