Shocking photos of infant with grenades, Jihadi children will send chills up your spine

While American liberals worry about things like pop tarts chewed into toy gun shapes in schools, America’s Islamist enemies share pictures of infants gurgling happily among assault rifles, handguns and hand grenades — babies with bullets.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

This picture of a baby boy – it’s got to be a boy, considering the way these people think — is thought to have been posted by the Islamic State, the terrorists whose black flag is acting as the baby’s blanket.

According to the Daily Mail, it’s part of a series of pictures the group has posted recently bragging about indoctrinating their children into the cult of death that is Islamic terrorism.

The series includes photos of the 7-year-old son of one terrorist holding the severed head – the severed head! – of a Syrian soldier with the caption “that’s my boy!”


And another with the same charmer and his three sons, dressed in matching camouflage outfits – toddler terrorists in training armed to kill.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

How about this one, of a scared-looking kid being shown off by a masked thug who has the boy hold his rifle at a rally for Palestinian killers in Gaza.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Remember, these are the people the left loves to lionize so much from the safety of faculty lounges in Cambridge, Mass., or Berkeley, Calif.

Among normal people — i.e. Western, non-Islamic terrorists and non-supporters of terrorists — Twitter reactions ranged from jeering humor to utter disgust.

They really do love death more than we love life.


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